Occupied Home Staging

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What's included in my Staging Package?

If you are living in the home until you sell, you can set up an Owner Occupied Staging Consultation and get expert advice on what your home specifically needs. Every home is different, there is no cookie cutter tool for staging a home. A consultation is a meeting you can set up with me, Brandi. I visit with you at your home and help you with things like how to de-clutter and de-personalize. We also go over how we can re-configure your furniture in a way that attracts the highest number of buyers but is still comfortable for you and your family. Unfortunately, most buyers expect every home to be a model home. Regardless of whether or not it's a re-sale. 

Owner Occupied Home Staging Consultation in Austin Tx. Budget friendly staging in austin.

What should I pay attention to, when preparing my home?

First of all, I'm sure you've noticed, Austin home prices have soared in the last few years. When listing your home be sure the photos portray a home that is worth the current price. Presenting uncluttered, bright and well-put-together spaces, will make an impression on buyers and realtors. Keep in mind how many homes are put on the market every day in Austin. Here's a number in case you didn't know......according to ABOR, 30,713  homes  were sold in 2018 alone! I promise, you want your home to be the nicest one they look at! If you haven't already, read my Guide to Attracting Energetic Buyers. You can get it here. It's a list of the top 6 most important things to pay attention to when preparing your home for the Austin Real Estate Market.


Do you know who is moving into your home?

Is a young couple moving in, with a naturalist lifestyle? Will a family of 4 be moving in, with their modern furniture? What exactly are buyers in your area looking for in a house? If you don't know those answers, don't worry. That's why there are experts who study these facts for a living. I study, demographically, how we should stage your home to attract the RIGHT buyers. By "right" buyers, I mean, the buyer that is eager to put in an offer and make the deal happen no matter what! Why? Because they LOVE your house and everything in it! The style is exactly what they have always wanted and they can really see themselves living there.

What is a Staging Consultation?

One-on-One Home Tour


After you schedule an appointment, I meet with you at your home. After a quick Q & A, we will go room by room and discuss what my recommendations are. I like to think of it as an Interior Re-Design. I'll be giving you all the tips and tricks to stage your home like a professional and be ready for open houses. Think of it as your very own interior design course. I always have so much fun at our consultations, I leave with a new friend.

Interior Re-Design


We will be transforming your everyday home into a model home! I make sure to keep in mind the items you and your family use everyday, but there is plenty in your home that will need to be packed away. This process includes changing the furniture, decor and art layout, educating you each step of the way. I break it all down into a process that's easy for everyone. Sometimes, certain items may need to be replaced. Instead of making any new purchases, I have a huge selection of furniture, decor and bedding  you can rent. Every home's needs are different. Some home's don't need one addition, just a little adjusting.

Detailed Task List


You may have seen many stagers simply end the consultation and leave you only with the notes you took. I think that's really overwhelming for most of my clients, so I create a customized PDF task list for you. It's very detailed and gives you all info you need to confidently stage your home without pulling your hair out! You can always call me if you have any questions. Or just have me come back over and do it for you, we can set that appointment up at the consultation. I also add an info-graphic with all of my favorite decorating and cleaning items. They are so useful you will share them with your friends. 

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