Vacant Home Staging in Austin


Staging is like make-up for your home. It's simple advertising and you want your home to attract the RIGHT buyers.

Take the advertising of your home into your own hands. Buyers who are shopping around feel something about a home as soon as they park in front of it! It takes 15 seconds to make a first impression to be exact. They ask themselves "Can I imagine myself calling this place home?"  If they walk in and it looks like a cozy model home (well kept and crisp with a modern design) they will WANT to call it home! 


A Vacant Home Stage Includes:

  • A detailed design consultation and proposal for your property.
  • Furniture, Decor, Prop and Art rental.
  • Delivery, Set Up and Pick Up.
  • Option to buy furniture at closing.

If renting furniture is not an option your'e interested in, check out my Online Staging Services. and get a shopping list with all the right furniture and decor to stage your own home.


What is included in the furniture rental?

By coordinating with the color scheme of your paint, tiles and flooring, I choose decor and art pieces that will showcase the personality of your home. Turning any bare room into a welcoming space home shoppers will swoon over! The average home stage will include the following rooms:

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen & Dining Areas
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms 
  • Patios

If you really want to stand out in the market, you can add some fun spaces in flex ares. Keep up with the lifestyle of modern buyers and stage spaces like:

  • A Meditation & Yoga room
  • A Beautiful Home Office
  • Or a Theater & Media room

How does Staging help me sell?