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 Welcome to your interior design hub! This is where you will find everything that I have picked out for you.The categories are separated by rooms/areas.

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Living Room




I like the idea of Navy with the brown furniture you already have. It's one of the only colors that are modern and won't clash. You can find a brown leather pillow to throw on it as well. Navy also ties in perfectly with yellow and white. I'm not sure how open you are to this color but it would also look great with the "Luna" rug. I found this at Bed Bath & Beyond but found it for less on Amazon.


Dining Room

Area Rug


This "Austin" rug from At Home will look great under the dining table. It's not white so will hide any stains and food crumbs. I think the main color will look good with the chairs you have. And the black accents will tie in with the black kitchen pulls and dark chandelier above the table. 6 in stock in Pflugerville store.




Glass Cabinet Doors


The 3 glass cabinets will be around the sink and either side of the sink. 

Left: 18 7/8" x 40" (1)

Right: 14" x 40" (2) 

Glass Shelving: 

28 1/4" x 10.5" (3)

19 1/4" x 10.5" (3)

3/8" thick

Accent inside cabinet


The best way to go with such a bright color in a "shadow" is to get at least 4 different yellow samples for you to live with for a little while. I can get 4 options together for you and give them to you when we shop at At Home this week. 

Matching white on the sides, top and bottom.

Pull Hardware


$6.40 ea.

2" center to center


You have 14 Upper Cabinet Doors

You have 15 Lower Cabinet Doors

You have 11 Drawers in total

Depth of cabinet face: 3/8"

Purchase quantity: 40

Purchase total: $256.00 + tax

Soft Close Drawers


These soft close adapter add ons are at Home Depot. It says you only need 1 per drawer unless it's heavy or is 24" and wider. It does require a 1/2" clearance on the sides to install but you don't need any special tools. You can either get a 10 pack and leave some drawers without or get 2 10 packs and have some in the bathroom as well as doubling up on the large, heavy drawers. There is a disclaimer that states, it will be a little more hesitant to open due to the mechanics of the damper. (just fyi) We will need to make sure the finger pulls will be long enough to get a good grip if needed.

$47.99/10 pack

Master Bedroom

Side Tables


Geometric wood and metal side tables with 2 drawers. I really like the size of these!

 24"W x 18"D x 25"H 

$220.00 each

There is also a less expensive version of this with an open top (only one drawer)

Side Tables


I found these tables at Target. They are a little bit more substantial.

24"h x 14"d x 20"w in walnut

$119.99 each sale ends 2/17/20

Side Tables


Geometric wood and metal side tables with drawer. Don't worry about mixing woods here. You don't have to match the beams. I like the style, dimensions and build. It doesn't come across as too bulky and traditional but also has ample space for a lamp and all your bedside items. We may be able to find something like this at the At Home store.

23.5" H x 18" W x 14" D

$125.99 each

Accent Wall


Wood design. We can leave this up as an option. I just wanted you see what it look like with windows. You can always add the folding bamboo-linen window treatments to blend it in.

I like these walls in a rich navy or deep green.

Accent Wall


Hexagon Tile Option

Click the photo for different ways to lay it in patterns. We can choose any layout and pattern you like after we play with it for a little while. 

$129 for a pack of 12 8"x10

Bedside Lamps


I LOVE these lamps for you. If we go with wood side tables, these lamps would look sooooo good. Especially against the accent wall! They will go up high and look so elegant and modern. I think this is a great way to go in order to balance the high small windows. I think the price is a good point. You want to spend a little money on your bedside lamps. They are a HUGE piece of the bedroom. They set the mood.

These are at Target for $88.99

Bedside Lamps


Here is a more streamlined version that doesn't put off as much light. You can do one large on one side and one of these small ones on the other. 

These are at Target for $64.99

Shower Head



Cabinet Pull


For the master bathroom to accent the existing hardware. 

$9.24 each

1.5" Center to Center

Projection: 1"

You have 5 Drawers

You have 5 Cabinet Doors

Purchase quantity: 10

Purchase total: $92.40 + tax

Zander's Room




Kennedy's Room

Accent Wall


Etsy also has lots of options.

Accent Wall


Pink on top fading into red ombre painted wall.

I will get with the contractor on this.


Folding Dining


Folding table and chairs

Table & 4 Chairs: $129

Folding Dining


This table and chairs fold up to be put away when not in use. This matches the sofa wood.

$229.00 for the set

Outdoor Lounge Set


We can also add 2 matching chairs or loveseat if there is room. We can add yellow outdoor throw pillows.

Sofa: $570 with cushions

Outdoor Bar/Kitchenette


These chairs fold up to be put away when not in use. But they look really nice and sturdy when left out.

$60 ea.

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