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13 Crucial Spring Cleaning Tips to Kill the Dust & Lighten Up


Ever since I was a little barefoot girl running around with nowhere in particular to go, I have loved breathing in the fresh Spring Air. I mean, I know everyone says that, but there is something inside of me that loves the feeling of it. It feels like new beginnings to me. I love new beginnings; they have been an integral part of making me who I am, as a person.  New beginnings, change, different, fresh, the unknown, all these things make me feel as excited as a kid who is on their way to Sea World! Transitions have always been so easy for me. Maybe it’s because my family moved every year when I was growing up or because my mom was rearranging the furniture every month. Maybe it’s because I am a crazy Gemini or because I get bored quickly. Whatever the reason, I love starting over. And Spring brings it all out! I ALWAYS take advantage of the rush of adrenaline I get at the first start of warm weather.   Open the windows at 9 am on Saturday morning kind-of-warm. Letting all that fresh air come in and wash away the old winter breath that has been lingering for months! Hearing the birds chirp with their babies. Sun shining in all corners and behind every chair that hasn’t moved since Thanksgiving.  Opening the windows alone, gives me all the boost I need to be a Psychotic Dust Buster.   Right about the middle of February I start to get a hint of the odor that erks me…….Dust. You know that smell, even if you don’t know that smell! Like that waft you get when you come home after a long vacation. You open the door and for some reason the odor of your dog’s armpit hits you, but you don’t have a dog. Yeah that one! If you haven’t left dirty dishes, laundry or trash laying around…’s dust odor. I’m sure there is a more scientific name for this but that’s the most common sense version I could think of, dust odor.   If you spring clean every week, first get help you have a problem, and don’t bother reading the rest of this. But if you work outside of the home and don’t have time for 3 full time jobs (the 2nd is living life & 3rd would be cleaning) then these tips will help get that stank out. My job as a home stager is to present a home in the best possible light, creating a home every homebuyer wants to live in. Besides the design and furniture lay out for the home, my number one advice when selling your home is to get it professionally cleaned. The checklist my crew and I use during a make ready clean is extremely detailed and we scrub absolutely every surface there is, but you don’t necessarily need all that for a spring cleaning!

Prioritized Spring Cleaning Checklist: 

1. Start loading all of your bed linens in the wash. Every bed should be stripped and loaded in the washing machine. Sprinkle baking soda on the mattresses and vacuum it up before making the bed again. 
2. Push all of your furniture (that you can move) to the walls of the rooms. If you don’t have furniture feet gliders, use foil!
 3. Place an ice cube on all furniture created carpet dents. When it’s melted, scrape it with a spoon to fluff the fibers.
  4. Put all of your small rugs, pillows and cushions outside in the sun. This kills all the dust mites, oxygenates the fibers and removes any excess odors.
 5. Vacuum area and wall to wall rugs in all 4 directions to ensure you get ALL of it up and it fluffs the fibers. Take your time on this, it’s worth it!
 6. Using the hard floor accessory on your vacuum, go over all of the hard flooring in your home. If you don’t have this attachment on your vacuum, then sweep like you have never swept before! Being sure you get all of the corners and underneath the lip of the cabinets and behind all furniture or fixtures.
 7. Using the soft head attachment on your vacuum, suck up every speck of dust or cereal or cheese cracker you see. You can choose to suck up the Lego's too, like I used to until I realized “Hey I bought these!” Vacuum Dust everything! I do my t.v. console, counter tops, cabinets (inside and out), pantry, linen closet, all shelves, desks, tables, chairs, buffets, walls and the art on them, doors, rails, switch plates, baseboards, windows and tracks.....all the hard surface stuff!
 8. Windows. Make them bad boys shine, you will NOT regret it! I like to use a mixture of dish soap, water and jet dry. I soak my window tracks with baking soda and vinegar, let it sit, then scrub it with a soft toothbrush.
 9. With a Mr. Clean scrubber or a product that is as sensitive on paint as a Mr. Clean sponge, wash your walls! I wipe the corners that the kids for some reason have to touch every time they turn it. I also do the baseboards and spot treat any scrapes or splatters that are on the walls. Any railing in your home could probably use a good wiping too. My stair railing is painted white but by December it looks antiqued……Gross.
 10. Wash all the hard surfaces in your home. Using what products you like best is fine, everyone has a preference. I use bleach on ALMOST everything, but that’s just me. All hard surfaces include but are not limited to appliances, fridge, oven, stove, microwave, counter tops, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, switch plates…you get it.
   11. Shine it all up! On all of my stainless steel appliances I use a standard stainless steel cleaner. On everything else I use Windex! It makes everything so shiny!
 12. Put all of your furniture in a new spot. Something different than before. Heck something different from EVER. Think outside of the boring old box living room or master bedroom! Add some spring-y colors and textures. Get inspired by homes you love and do it in your own home.
13. Replace all air filters throughout.

    I made this list super easy and do-able so that it’s not so hard to get started! Remember sometimes we have to START BEFORE WE ARE READY! If you wait all day for the strength to get up and tackle this list, you won’t ever do it! If you want a home you love to be in and are proud of, you can’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel you have to light it yourself! Coming soon!!! A checklist for organizing all the paper clutter.  If you or anyone you know is selling their home, don’t call the listing photographer without calling me first! Homes sell 30%-50% faster when they are professionally cleaned and staged. 81% of buyers said it was easier to visualize the staged property as their home according to a study done at NAR. 
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