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Rental Interior Decorating and Furnishings

Do people say "meh" when they see your rental photos?

When you go on vacation, you want your rental or hotel to be clean NOT bare, modern AND inviting, comforting AND stylish, accommodating NOT cluttered. Be honest! What does your rental feel like? Do you think it needs a light design upgrade? 

Many of my clients feel like their rental is "bare" after they remove their personal items and just want to add a few statement pieces. And some clients need me to help de-clutter and choose new furniture. Every property is different!

Do you rent your home....

  • on any home/vacation sites? Such as HomeAway, AirBnB, TripAdvisor or VRBO?
  • or to monthly tenants?
  • during popular Austin events? Such as Concerts, Conferences, SXSW, ACL or F1?

Do you want to....

  • replace photos and decor that are personal and hold sentimental value, with new art and decor?
  • update your furniture so it's more accommodating?
  • create bedrooms that are more inviting and comfortable?
  • Get great reviews on your listing?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then I can help you! Set up a consultation and I will be right over to give you all the details on how to create a crave-worthy rental.

How to figure out your budget.

How much you list your rental for is up to you and your comparisons. My job is to design within your budget and still make sure it appeals to the highest number of people who are ready to pay and stay. According to HomeAway, owners can earn up to $56,000/yr in extra income from vacation rentals.  But I did the math, and that's if you book EVERYDAY! Are you renting out your personal home, and only interested in booking major "Austin Holidays" and when you go on vacation? If you're charging $250-$300/night, you may bring in around $7,500-$9k/yr. 

I say depending on what your rental needs, you're wise investing around 5%-15%  to create a beautiful space. Not bad! That's actually close to how much you would pay for the cleaning crew over that year.

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Executive Stay Rental Properties

We also offer interior decorating services for Executive Rentals. Whether you need the entire place furnished or just need to add some final touches, you can give me a call and I'd love to help. 

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