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Affordable home staging in Austin Tx. I would love to help you prepare your home for market!

Hello Hello! My name is Brandi and my main goal as your home stager, is that the process of presenting your home is easy on you, the seller. You already have enough on your plate, let me take care of the rest. 

As a Professional Home Stager, I am living out my dreams, literally! I LOVE what I do. Interior Design is something I have been passionate about ever since I can remember. Being comfortable and happy in my own space is so important and it should be at the top of everybody's priority list if you ask me. I've always tried to think outside the box to create a space that is unique and homey. Every guest you have over, should wish they lived there.

All about me, and how I became a Stager. I got into real estate by working as a loan processor in the mortgage business. In between stacking and filing loans, I would do what I loved.....I caught up on interior design and real estate trends in Austin. I liked being a processor, but numbers didn't EXCITE ME like chartreuse pillows did. Some people know what entree pairs with what red wine. I just happen to know which pillow and blanket duo's make an Instagram worthy listing photo! 

After about a year in the mortgage industry, I was ready for something new. I was itching for a change and I knew what I was doing for a living wasn't fulfilling the happy place in my soul.

One day I was talking about my Interior Design Passion to a colleague, Mike. He suggested that I stage the homes they flip. He knew how quickly staged homes sold vs. vacant homes and he wasn't about to let those properties sit unsold any longer than needed. He just always added staging as a line item into his budget from the beginning and never thought twice about it. So I jumped on his team and started shopping! I already knew exactly what buyers were looking for (from all that office time studying!). 

The first house I helped scout was my long time friends rental property. He was already thinking out about selling when he found out about my new "flipping team." Talk about the stars aligning! I chose a new layout, color scheme, appliances, hardware and flooring. After the construction was complete, I went back in and staged it. I had so much fun and nobody could steal my shine! 

I'm just as much of a self proclaimed Hippie as the next Austinite, so I know what it sounds like when your soul is speaking to you. And my soul was saying "Girl, you need to make this official!" So I did. I tested and received my Expert Home Staging Certification. I was happier than I had ever been. That feeling hasn't gone away and you can clearly read it on my face every time you see me. Yes, there are times I want to stab my eyeball out with my stylus, but if there is NO fear, NO stress, NO problems.....your'e not growing. You're not even living for that matter! 

Fast forward 5 years....Mike asked me to marry him! In front of the Disneyland castle surrounded by his two daughters and my son. We were married the next year in Driftwood, Tx. We still share our love for real estate and we haven't looked back!

My motto is: I know every house is different, I just want buyers to know that YOURS is the home for them. 

My goal is: to eliminate the stress of preparing your home for listing, by doing everything in my power to get it perfect in a timely manner. 

So please, if you have any questions about how to put your home on the market with confidence,  get in touch with me. I am always happy to help in any way I can!

-Brandi Valenzuela

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