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Congratulations! If you are reading this, that means that you are already ahead of the game. You are taking charge of how quickly your home sells by doing everything you can to get it just right. 

As a home stager, I am the last contractor in a home until it sells. My main goal as a "New Member of THE SELLERS Team" is to help present the home of their buyers dreams!

I like to bring a Buyers Perspective into helping sellers choose the final touches on their house. There is a lot that goes into getting your home ready for listing. I have a 6 item checklist I send to all my clients when they are ready. Things that should NEVER be skipped. And I am happy to share them with you, so you can sell faster too. Be confident when you list your home in this super saturated Austin Real Estate Market.

1.  Be aggressive during your Punch List Tape. 

What does this mean? It means you, the home owner, need to do a walk-through of your ENTIRE home with blue painters tape. Stick a 1-2 inch tape piece on every imperfection. Imperfection's could be anything from a tiny scratch on the wall to a separated baseboard that can use a little caulk. Ask me for my Blue Tape Checklist and make sure you don't miss anything. I also recommend asking your realtor or stager if you should update your paint or texture. Serious home shoppers will note any imperfections themselves and expect you to either fix it. Or worse, reduce their offer because the house is dated and needs a remodel. Educated buyers will see imperfections and wonder what types of problems they will encounter later? And then in an instant, a potential buyer turns into a reluctant one.

2.   Have your home professionally cleaned.

Your home should be ShowRoom-Ready. PERIOD!! I don't think I need to explain why. Get rid of the dust, cobwebs, clean the grout and scrub tiles. You can get my deep cleaning list here. If you don't have the time, connect with a reputable cleaning company in your area. We offer make ready cleaning services as well, to make it easy on our clients.

3.   Your curb appeal should be ON POINT!

Buyers already know where they want to live. What schools are in the area, local shops they like, parks they frequent, friends or family close by etc...So what are they going to do while they house shop? They are going to drive around the neighborhoods they love to peep houses for sell on their own. If they see a home for sell in their dream neighborhood, they will stop and look at it from their car. If your yard is perfectly manicured with green grass and flower gardens, what will be the feeling they get when they see it? Excitement about the fact that this could be their cute yard!! If your yard is dead and bland, it will more than likely get looked over. Potential buyers may just pass it up with out even telling their realtor they want to look inside!

4.   Have your home professionally staged.

I cannot stress enough the importance of remembering THIS: Buyers may not have the same amount of vision for this house as YOU do!  I repeat: Buyers may not have the same amount of vision for this house as you do!! Chances are, as a seller, you either lived in this home or you spent months remodeling it before it was ready for market. You probably have a million ideas on what should go where or how to utilize the space. Home shoppers are in your home for such a short amount of time and being able to "see" where all of their things will go is sometimes hard. Your home should feel extremely inviting and homey. Their brain needs that imagery to feel like they can live there! If you're living in the home until it sells, have an expert stager come by and give you a Staging Consultation. Your stager will tell you what stays and what goes and how to arrange your furniture. They will help you create a home that attracts the highest amount of interested buyers. If your home is vacant, your stager will design and supply everything you need to turn that bare house into a cozy home! In addition, I offer Online Staging Services. After an online q&a, I send over a vision board for the spaces and an itemized online shopping list. You choose how much to spend. This is my most popular option.

5.   Have a professional photographer take your listing photos.

91% of home shopping takes place online. That shouldn't be a shock, everything takes place online it seems like. Whether you are on MLS, Zillow or any other real estate site, your photos should stand out from the rest. Real Estate Photographers in particular know how to "frame" a room for listing photos. Showing the home in it's best light. When buyers are looking for a home online, they want to be Wowed. Your neighbors home with the same square footage, should not Wow them more. Don't get out-wowed people! If you don't know a real estate photographer, ask me and I will be happy to refer the best.

6.   Fragrance!

Your'e home is officially on the market at this point. Now go back in there and add some fragrant plug-in's. This tip is the most inexpensive but packs the hardest punch. There are countless studies that show the connection between smells and emotions. Aromas make people feel a certain way. You want your home give off the homey feel, you want them to invest their emotions. Even if it's subconsciously. As a stager, I always add a few plug-ins throughout the home. I either use a blend of essential oils or plain old clean linen/cotton air fresheners. As long as it's mild and smells fresh, you can't go wrong with a beautiful smelling home.

That's it! 6 steps to a faster selling home. I hope this checklist helps and if it did, send it to a friend that you think could use it as well. And as always, if you have any questions about anything I went over, please don't hesitate to get in contact. I am never too busy to help! Don't forget to sign up below for more tips sent straight to you inbox, that I just don't share anywhere else!

"I know every house is different, I just want buyers to know that yours is the home for them!"

-Brandi Valenzuela

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